Alice Holt Forest

Walk Description

Starting at Bentley Station the walk will start along the Shipwrights Way, past the Alice Holt Research Centre and into the forest. Along the way, there will be an opportunity to look at some of the points on the Climate Adaptation Trail, set up by the research centre to see how planting can be adapted to our changing climate. At Alice Holt Forest we will stop briefly to make use of the conveniences before continuing onto the well-being trail. This has various boards which invite you to pause and reflect. This is also the perfect opportunity to do some simple mindfulness exercises. The walk then loops back to the cafe at Alice Holt where participants can either buy lunch or eat their picnic on benches. After lunch the walk finishes back on the Shipwrights Way and Bentley Station.

This walk is designed to be accessible for those with wheelchairs, buggies and there might also be someone to sign the walk if anyone has a hearing impairment.

The walk is also designed for all ages and abilities and these different elements will allow us to explore our different senses when in nature.

There are benches within Alice Holt and an accessible toilet and a changing place toilet at the visitor centre.

Please contact Helen if you have any accessible issues so we can accommodate your needs. Her email address is:

Walk Leader

Forestry England Logo

This walk is being led by Helen Littlejohn, the Active Forest Co-ordinator at Alice Holt. Forestry England  manages and cares for the nation’s 1,500 woods and forests. 


Sunday 14 April

Start Time


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Finish Station



5.5 miles


1.5 hours





Dogs Allowed


Lunch Required


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